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Highlight: The Six

The long-awaited, highly anticipated, six heroes: Companion, Scribe, Musician, Spy, Warrior, and Intended have finally arrived in Alithia. Only, no one was expecting them to be quite so young...

Winner of the 2016 Literary Classics Gold Book Award for YA Series and recipient of the Literary Classics Seal of Approval

Darcy Pennington hates her life. She is an insufferably average teenager with no real friends, crushing social anxiety, and an indescribable sense of not fitting in anywhere. A change in her dad's job forces her to attend Cedar Cove Family Camp the summer before her eighth-grade year, and Darcy once again finds herself on the outside of a social circle of teenagers, with her only advocate being an awkward girl named Samantha Palm. The only problem is, Darcy has no desire to be friends with her, but as the hostility from the other teenagers increases, she decides to return the friendship.

“If one has magic one can choose to abuse magic, just as you can choose to abuse any good gift you're given.” -Eleanor

When Darcy begins to experience strange magical occurrences, she comes to believe she's either losing her mind or on the brink of a discovery that could give her purpose in life. After unwittingly stumbling through a magical gateway to a new world called Alitheia, she convinces Sam and the other four teenagers to travel there with her, and despite their earlier hostilities toward her, they eventually concede leadership of their small group to Darcy. Once there, they learn the "arrival of the Six" was prophesied hundreds of years before and that they must expel an ancient evil from the land. In the end their lives, and the fate of Alitheia, will hinge upon Darcy. Will she have what it takes to fulfill her mysterious purpose? Or will she fall prey to a deadly foe?

Find the unabridged audiobook for The Six on Audible and Amazon.

Visual Highlights

K.B. Hoyle designed this mood board and it beautifully showcases the most poignant moments in The Six. The fog-dense forest of ancient pines give hint to the wild, timelessness of the Upper Peninsula's dense forests. Glowy Snowdrop flowers and bright beams of sparkling sunlight whisper of kisses from magical fairies and nymphs. Then the bottom panel shows a heralding lone wolf as it howls into freezing, snowy air and announces a foreboding event to come. What do the black panther, rusted key, and gravity-defying girl have to do with the story? You'll need to read the story to find out!

Below there are excerpts from the Prophecy of the Six describing each heroes responsibilities in the Gateway Chronicles Series. Designed by the Gateway Chronicles fan Instagram account, the colorful graphics perfectly capture the important nuances of the characters and what they add to the story. The bouncy Samantha Palm is a fitting Companion, the scholarly Lewis Acres is an apt Scribe, and the gorgeous and talented Amelia Bennet as the Musician is a no-brainer. Then the second row has Dean Stewart whose hobbies include emulating ninjas and park rangers which make him perfect as the Spy, the athletic and sporty Perry Marks is the definition of a warrior, and the introverted Darcy Pennington makes for an understated choice for the Intended but you'll need to read the book to find out why!

Want to discover the rest of the characters in this exciting adventure and learn where you would find a black panther in the heart of the Upper Peninsula? Hit up the link to find the audiobook HERE.

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Meet the Author

K.B. Hoyle

K. B. Hoyle is a multiple award-winning Young Adult author, a public speaker, a creative writing instructor, and a former classical history teacher. She is represented by Ben Grange of the L. Perkins Agency in New York City.

In addition to her many novels, she is a staff writer at Christ and Pop Culture and has contributed to a variety of online publications. She stays busy at her home in Alabama with her husband and their four young sons.

You can also hear K.B. Hoyle discuss the importance of YA books and why they matter in this podcast presented by No Thanks We're Booked. They also discuss some interesting stories involving her and her childhood friend, Katie, who had a direct influence on the character Samantha Palm from The Gateway Chronicles.

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